Frequently Asked Questions

After confirming your order, you will receive an additional E-Mail with futher instructions to complete your order.

Your Order will be completed within the ETA which we provide on our additonal E-mail.

If you do not receive your order within the promised timeframe, please contact the customer support.

Please make sure to check your Junk/Spam Folder in your Email for Order Completion notices.

If you did not get any confirmation or completion notice, please contact the customer support.

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Twitter – @gintastone

Discord – Ginta#7413

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Top Up Service is a service for various different branches in which customers let official and unofficial 3rd party providers add balance, currency or other virtual goods for their customers.

Here at Ginta Stones, we provide Top Up Services for mobile games.

As we accept various local and well established payment methods we enable our customers to purchase mobile game currencies with ease.

Our discounts and promotions add further reason to use our services instead of purchasing the Ingame Currency by yourself.

Here at Ginta Stones, we offer 100% transparency on our services.
We only deal with the most trusted suppliers to deliver our customers the fastes and safest Top Up experience.
Products and services will be marked with the different methods we use.
By default, our service will always be 100% legit and safe.
However per Terms of Service of various mobile games, Top Up Services will be on our customers risk unless stated otherwise.

After your order has gone through, it will be confirmed by us within 24h. After confirmation, your order will be added to our Queue.
Queue times vary depending on the service or product you have purchased.

Top Up Service :

While in our Queue, you’re free to play on your Account.
We will request additional information such as your Ingame Name, Account Login Details etc. to login into your account and process the order.
As soon as your order is being processed, we kindly request to not login into your account for 15mins to purchase your items and complete your order.
On request, we can provide purchase receipts.

Giftcard Service :

You will receive a digital Giftcard Code to redeem on your Account. This will add Balance on your Itunes/Google Play account, which you can use to purchase the items for yourself.

Through our 6 year long experience in the mobile gaming marketplace, Ginta Stones has build an infrastructure with various different methods to deliver the best prices on your favorite mobile games.
Our methods vary and can be chosen by our customers preferences.
If one method isnt available for a product or service, please contact the customer support.
These methods include :

Currency Exchange Rates

Local Top Up Centers

Discounted/Promo Giftcards purchased in bulk

UID Method

Currency Exchange Rate Method :

We use VPNs and local payment methods to purchase the ingame items and virtual currency in regional shops who have cheaper prices than the USD/EUR value.

Local Top Up Center Method :

We are partnered with 3rd party Top Up Centers and Shops which are official distributors and providers for Top Up Services in various mobile and PC games.

From there we get promotional prices cheaper than regular prices which we offer to our customers.

(this includes UID Method)

Discounted/Promo Giftcards purchased in Bulk :

We take advantage of local, regional or international promotions of Itunes/Google Play Giftcards to get them at a cheaper price than their original value.

In additon, we purchase those promotions or regular Giftcards in bulk, further giving us discounts from retailers.

Regular Top Up Method :

We use a mix of all methods to provide the best possible discount.

This method is at customers risk, but we warrant and gurantee the best price – safety options for our customers

Customers are eligible for a refund if :

-Your order has not been confirmed or queued yet

-Your order has not been completed within the given ETA

-Your order was not completed as described


Customers are NOT eligible for a refund if :

-Your order has been completed

-Your order is currently processing

-You have used up your ingame currency and did not receive/get what you wanted

-You did not follow instructions, therefore hindering the process